Have you ever gotten to the end of a project and been majorly intimidated by a step that a pattern is asking you to do? This was me with attaching hair to amigurumi dolls. I was completely stumped by the thought of figuring out how to give a doll hair; so much so that my first amigurumi doll sat bald in my WIP basket for multiple weeks!

When I finally sat down to learn the method, I was literally shocked by how easy it was and since then, I’ve never had a problem giving my mermaids long,  luscious locks. 😉

Follow the tutorial below to gain some confidence in hair attachment techniques!

Pre-Step #1:

Cut yarn in even pieces to the desired length. For a full-size amigurumi, like my huggable mermaid pattern, I use about 150 pieces of yarn. For a smaller amigurumi doll, like my mini mermaid pattern, I use about 50 pieces of yarn.

Step #1:

Insert your hook into the stitch that you desire to attach hair to. Fold your piece of hair in half, and hook the middle of the hair with your hook.

Step #2:

Pull the middle of the hair through the stitch on the head. Yarn over, grabbing both of the halves of the piece of hair you are attaching.

Step #3:

Pull both halves of hair through the loop on your hook. Pull to tighten.

There you have one piece of hair attached! Continue repeating steps 1-3 around the head and into the stitches you desire. Soon you’ll find yourself with a full head of hair!

On another note; we would love to know some things about crocheting or knitting that intimidate you so we can write up tutorials on them and help you get back in the game with confidence!

What are some things that are intimidating or confusing to you? Stitches that you just don’t get? Let us help you by dropping a comment in the comment section with the topic you’d like to see a tutorial on next!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Mickyla Jackson