I was *supposed* to be writing home decor patterns along with Mickyla but I got carried away with the produce! 😂 I’ve had these sitting around for a while now but hadn’t taken the time to write them up as a pattern.



I can’t handle this texture. Slightly bohemian, with just the right amount of class. How cute would it be to store baby blankets, snuggle stuffies, or wooden blocks in these for a kid’s room? Or towels and washcloths for a bathroom? Maybe an extra blanket and throw pillow for a guest bedroom?



We’re moving into a new house in just a week and a half and I, of course, can’t stop dreaming about how I’ll set it up, where I’ll put everything, and how I’ll decorate. We’ve just bought a new couch and a bunch of new rugs (the house has hardwood floors!) and its kind of hard to stop there 🙈 Maybe I can appease myself by making more new things. Bonus points if I already have the yarn in my stash!



I wouldn’t mind having a couple dozen of these all around my house. 🤣 If you feel the same, let me know in the comments below! Even better, show me how you’re styling the baskets you make. 😄 The patterns are available in the shop!

Emma Knopp