The Bobble Stitch is all the rage right now and it is no surprise why! The texture, uniqueness, and definition it adds to a project are undeniable. This stitch has become a favorite of mine and I have used it in some of my recent designs like The Moffat Pullover and the Bobble Laundry Rug. I love that we can use different types of crochet stitches to add 3D pop to our designs. Whether you are lacing a sweater with intricate details, or making letters pop in a rug, the bobble stitch is a must know for all crocheters!

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The photo tutorial is provided below!

Scroll to the bottom of this article for some photos of what you can do with the Bobble Stitch!!


The “Family”  Mini C2C Throw Pillow Pattern! 


1). Half Double Crochet into the first two stitches.

(Half Double Crochets in the midst of Bobble stitches is a matter of preference. If you want the Bobble to pop out even more, replace the half double crochet instructions with single crochet stitches).

2) Yarn Over, Insert Hook, Draw Up a Loop.

We are beginning to build the body of the bobble!

3) Yarn Over, Pull Through Two loops on your hook.

Building the body of a Bobble Stitch is basically building half double crochets but keeping one loop of each on your hook until you draw them all together at the end of the stitch. .

4). Yarn Over, Insert your hook into the same stitch, draw up a loop.


5) Yarn Over, Pull through two loops on your hook.


6) Yarn Over, Insert your hook into the same stitch, draw up a loop.


7) Yarn over, pull through two loops on your hook.


8) Yarn Over, Pull through all 5 loops on your hook.

You have just created a bobble stitch!

Half Double Crochet in the next stitch.

(Or single crochet according to your preference. See above note in step 1).

Turn your work over and admire your Bobble!!!

The possibilities are endless with this fun textured stitch! Let us know what you make with bobbles by tagging us @createdmakers on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest! <3

Happy Making Friends!

See below for bobble-licious inspiration for your next project!

The Moffat Pullover Crochet Pattern

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The Bobble Laundry Rug Crochet Pattern

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