Back to School season has begun! It snuck up on me and I don’t even have a child in school 😂 I can’t complain about this weather though. Cool, crisp air has always been my favorite. Especially in the early fall when you can still feel some warmth from the sun. ☀️



Am I the only one who is most motivated in the fall? I was always the girl who was SO excited to make my shopping list, buy my new pencils, and get everything all organized and prepped for the new school year. I’m still much that way… The amount of lists I make grows exponentially as soon as September hits 😂



Solomon won’t be in school for a few more years but doesn’t he look so stinkin’ cute with his little backpack on? His “Bear Bear” fits perfectly inside.



He’s been walking for about a month now and every day he wants to be more and more like mommy. If he gets a hold of my keys, he takes them straight to a doorknob and tries to unlock it. Give him a bag and it must be slung over his shoulder and toted around the house. And of course the classic: gotta try on mommy’s shoes to see if they fit.



It was about time I made him his own little bag to tote around! He’ll put it on his back and then beg for a snack… Not to eat, but to put in his bag for later… Again. Just like mommy. 😅



Can you even wait to get your hands on this pattern?? It works up quickly, easily, and it’s a hit with the littles. It’s available in the shop as of today!

How much do your little people love to be just like mommy? What’s your favorite snack to stash in your bag? Are you a lists, lists, and more lists kind of person? Come talk to me over on our Instagram!

Happy crocheting!

Emma Knopp