Today I am officially debuting the Cat C2C Pillow! 

This project began as an idea for a present for my daughter’s 4th birthday. I was a little lost on what to get for her because, as most kids do, she has a lot of toys already! I wanted to make her something special that she could cherish for a long time and also use practically, on a day to day basis. She is absolutely in love with cats, so thus, this pillow pattern idea was born.

My favorite part about this pillow is that it works up quickly and it comes with a couple different sizing options. If you choose to follow this pattern with a size 4 yarn, you’ll end up with a “perfect for the couch” sized throw pillow (Shown in this post in purple). If you choose to follow this pattern with a size 5 yarn, your project will end up becoming the size of a typical pillow for your bed! Think “standard sized sham” size (Shown in this post in pink). This project is also a great stash-buster project, as it only uses about 200 yards of each color you choose! So this is the perfect “partial skein” project!

This pattern gives you the opportunity to make something that fits your taste and your style in your home! Whether you use this pillow in your bedroom or in your living room, it’ll spice up your everyday life with a little extra kitty love!

Enjoy the pattern!

As always, feel free to contact me (Mickyla) with any questions and please share your makes with us on Instagram using the hashtag #createdmakers.