I cannot EVEN tell you how happy I am that fall is here. Not only is it so much more comfortable temperature wise… But Fall is just CUTER! The sweaters, the pumpkins… The sweater pumpkins! I mean, really…



I think even you Summer lovin’ people can agree that Fall is more than welcome here if it means these cuties can finally grace your coffee table.



The colors? 😭 The texture? 😭😭 The Cozy Factor? 😭😭😭


I love using Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick & Quick for these cuties. They have a wonderful selection of colors (40 of them!) AND first time shoppers get a discount. You can find Wool-Ease here.



And you can get the pattern for these babies for FREE in the store! Like, for forever! How many crying emojis does that warrant? Five? 😭😭😭😭😭



If you’re needing the coziness of a sweater but you’re too impatient to knit one for yourself, just whip up some of these guys for your coffee table, your hearth, or your porch. Or all three. Plus more. You’re doing the world a favor AND you don’t have to get stranded on Second Sleeve Island.

Come on down to the comments and tell me how happy you are that Fall and sweaters and pumpkins and Chunky Sweater Punkin’s exist. Use all the weeping emojis you need. 😭🍂 And don’t forget to tag me with #createdmakers when you make some for yourself!

Happy Knitting!

Emma Knopp