Welcome to the Corner-To-Corner Crochet Stitch, often abbreviated as the C2C method. In this tutorial, you will learn both how to work the C2C stitch, and how to seamlessly change colors in the middle of a row for ease of design!

The Corner-to-Corner crochet method is a versatile way of creating a multitude of things. I love this stitch because it allows you to choose your own design (or to follow a pattern online) and work up a quick, decorative piece in a matter of hours. C2C is great for creating pillow shams, blankets, and rugs. Below, you can see a photo of a baby blanket that I crafted (in about three hours!!!) for my sweet babe using the C2C method and a self- striping yarn. The simplest of projects can be bumped up a level just by utilizing this stitch! Later this month, I will be releasing a C2C pattern for a cat silhouette pillow cover! So if you’d like to practice this method with a tried and true pattern, keep your eyes peeled for that pillow cover!!

Now, on to the tutorial!

Beginning Your C2C Project

In this video, I show you how to begin any C2C project and how to complete the first three rows.

Seamless Color Changes in C2C

This next video shows you how to do a seamless color change in the middle of your row. This will be helpful when creating “graphagans” or specific designs or patterns in your C2C project. (This video split into two sections so be sure to watch both videos for the full tutorial!) Part 1:

Decreasing In Your C2C Project

When your project has reached your desired length, you can choose to begin to decrease your work. You can decrease at both ends of your project in order to make  a perfect square, or you can choose to decrease on only one side at first in order to create a rectangle.

Possible Projects with C2C Crochet

So far, I have made a few C2C projects. Here are two of my favorites! The blue baby blanket was made for my sweet Augustine (who is set to come ever so soon at the end of August)! I used two Caron Baby Cakes for that blanket and it took about 5 hours to work up! For a baby blanket, I’d say thats pretty darn fast!!¬† Using the self-striping yarn of a Caron Cake was also really convenient!


My second favorite C2C project I’ve created is probably this Cat C2C throw pillow I made for my daughter’s birthday! (The pattern for this pillow launches next Monday!!).

This project is a great intro to C2C graphagan methods, and gives you some awesome practice with color changes in C2C. You can mix it up by using a fun, variegated yarn to give a more complex feel to your project or just keep it simple and use a solid colored yarn! This project only uses up about 200 yards of each color, so I’d rank it a pretty awesome stash-busting project as well!

Thats all for today folks, thanks for stopping by! I hope you feel more confident in the art of C2C crochet after this tutorial. I truly love this method of crocheting and I wish the same for you too!

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