Our sweet Sully has made his appearance – rather dramatically and a whole month early!

In my excitement (and in all my free time now that I’m on maternity leave), I’ve compiled quite the Pinterest board of the most adorable sweaters, squishiest blankets, and the cutest stuffies to make for my boy. Now to quit spending my time pinning and start MAKING! đŸ˜‰

If you’d like to see what I’ll be making for our new addition, keep scrolling and be inspired!

This sweet knit blanket is just TOO beautiful. Its soft but deep texture is so relaxing to look at and I love it in this natural color. Imagine the squish of a newborn in the squish of this knit! Yum!

There is no pattern for this blanket out there and the stitch pattern is very intricate, so we’ll see if I get to this one. The dream is to figure it out and release a pattern of my own! If you’re desperate, the finished product can be purchased here. 


Oh my word, this little layette! I can’t get over it. It’s far too hot to put Solomon in this right now but I’ll definitely be making this sweet sweater and jumper combo in a size big enough to fit him in the fall. I may have to copy the color combo too – it’s all just too perfect!

And the best part – its gender neutral! So, if we have a girl next, I won’t cry over how much time and energy I put into making it just for it to be worn twice and put away forever.

The patterns for these pieces can be found for purchase here and here.

I love the simplicity in this blanket. Using the double-knit technique provides extra warmth as well as reversibility, while keeping it simple with the stockinette texture. And I just love the interest added with the tiny tacks (they look like embroidery – but are really added as you knit!) and the contrasting bright and neutral colors. My son already has so many blankets but this one may just have to be added to the ever growing pile!

This pattern is free! Also available for purchase is everything needed to complete the project. 

Oh. My. WORD. I just can’t with this little donkey! All his colors and textures – so fun! I think this one will be next on my hook.

The pattern was once free but I don’t blame the creator for changing their mind. The details are too sweet and intricate. Purchase the pattern here!

I can’t get this sweater out of my head! The texture is so delicious but the color keeps it very wearable. Of course, any of these projects can be made in whatever color you choose but so far I’m thinking I may just have to be a copycat. đŸ˜‰

I haven’t been able to find the pattern for this one but the finished product can be purchased here. Keep your eye out for the pattern for a similar item on the blog in the future!

Cacti are totally trending right now but I don’t know if I’ll ever get over them. Plus, the irony of a squishable cactus is just too great! Solomon may never appreciate the cuteness of this mobile as much as I do, but it’s going above his bed nonetheless!

Finished product available for purchase here. DIY plushy cactus tutorial coming to the blog soon!

Aren’t these projects just. Too. Cute? Let me know what you have in the works for your babe in the comments below!