The dreary gray and crisp air have arrived! I’m in love. Makes all the baby snuggles that much more enjoyable. 🙂

These cool, crisp days are perfect for any number of crafts – but for some reason, embroidery is what I’m always drawn to in the fall. Have I ever finished an embroidery project? No! I’m too impatient to complete all those tiny stitches. But rest assured, I have *started* many a piece! I admire those who can sit through any needlepoint craft – especially cross stitching. Phew.

Trending in home decor in the last few years are minimalism and farmhouse styles… Not usually together. However, these embroidery projects pull together my favorite elements of both trends – simplicity and modernity, and sweet, soft, grandma’s house vibes. The best part about these projects? They’re so simple I just might be able to complete one! 😉



I’m in love with this one. So modern, yet so soft and sweet. I’d love to hang this on the wall in Sully’s room!

This would also be awesome embroidered onto a t-shirt. It has very Northwest vibes – something I’m very into as an Oregonian. 🙂

It doesn’t seem like this would take long – less than an hour, I’m sure.


Speaking of t-shirts… This project is so cute! Everybody has a plain white pocket tee in their closet, don’t they? Why not take it up a notch?

The only stitches you’d need to know here are the daisy chain and the french knot – both extremely quick and easy!


This one *looks* more complicated… But I assure you it isn’t all that bad. With the backstitch, the daisy chain, and the french knot in your arsenal, you can have this one completed in 30 minutes. I’m loving the wintery vibe this color palette brings, too. Imagine a tiny version of this as a gift tag at Christmas!


I can’t help but laugh at this one! But let’s be real – we all feel this way sometimes. Why not express it in such a cute way as this? I can see this one going up in my kitchen where you’ll hear “ugh” frequently uttered when I realize I have to cook dinner… Or clean the kitchen… Or go grocery shopping…

This one may take a little more time, but it’s nothing but straight (“crewel” style) stitches and, again, french knots.


This one may be my favorite. I love the colors, I love the style, and I love the tiny characters following the tiny path to their tiny house. This one would be a little more time consuming but not any more difficult… And oh, so rewarding. What a sweet addition this would be in any child’s bedroom!

What are your go-to crafts when the clouds roll in? Do you delve straight into knitting a sweater or spinning soft yarn? Or do you pull out the papercrafts and get started on holiday cards? Let us know in the comments below!

And keep an eye out for tutorials on how to do each of these stitches – so that you can complete an embroidery project of your own!

Emma Knopp