Hey all! Welcome to our first ever “link share” post. Here you will find reviews and recommendations for some cardigan patterns I had the pleasure of testing this month! Featured will be: The Summer Ivy Cardi from @c.s.handmadecrafts, The Twisted Arrow Cardigan, The Sassy Pineapple Cardigan, and The Buttercup Cardigan all from @twistedarrowdesigns (Meghann from @twistedarrowdesigns was on a cardigan pattern roll this month!), and finally my own pattern; The Serenity Cardigan. Because, giving yourself a shout out is cool, right? 😉

The Summer Ivy Cardigan

The Summer Ivy Cardigan by @c.s.handmade crafts is an excellent cardigan pattern if you want to create a beautiful, intricate design that will be sure to make people’s heads turn! The details that Corey writes into this pattern are absolutely stunning! This pattern is available in three different sizes; (S/M, L, and XL +).  Go check this pattern out! You won’t be sorry! 😉 

The Twisted Arrow Cardigan

The Twisted Arrow Cardigan by @twistedarrowdesigns is a quick design perfect for any summer outing. This cardigan is literally sized to your body, so you can guarantee it’ll fit perfectly! The arrow detail on the back of this cardigan completes the look with a pop of unique pizazz. The Twisted Arrow Cardigan is designed to be a shorted cardigan and it is made with lighter weight yarn so it is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe because it’ll add some flair without making you sweat.  😉 

The Buttercup Cardigan

The Buttercup Cardigan by @TwistedArrowDesigns has taken its place as my new favorite cardigan pattern. Again, Meghann has written this cardigan to be completely customizable to your exact size and shape. I love the detail stitching on the back of the cardigan, the customizable length, and the longer sleeves that come with this pattern. This cardigan is perfect for cuddling up in on breezy summer evenings! 

The Sassy Pineapple Cardi

The Sassy Pineapple Cardi is my favorite summery cardigan for toddlers that I’ve encountered.  Not only does this pattern work up fast (and I mean really fast; it only took me an hour and a half!) but the light airy design is perfect for toddlers. My daughters both get a little sensitive when it comes to textures on their clothing, but both of them loved their little Sassy Pineapple Cardigans so much! This cute little vest is the perfect addition to your little princess’ summer wardrobe! 😉 

The Serenity Cardigan

And finally, the self plug! 😉 I figured since I included both long sleeve and short sleeve options for adults, I should add the same options for kiddos!  Thus, the Serenity Cardigan! This cardigan is great for those grey summer days (which we have a lot of here in Oregon!) and for those breezy summer nights! This pattern is made from cotton yarn, so it stays breathable during warmer weather and warm during cooler weather. Check it out! 😉 
That’s all folks! We would love to hear from you all if you try any of these patterns! Leave a comment with your opinion on the ones you choose to try! We are excited to hear your opinions and preferences! If you have any suggestions for further link sharing posts (reviews you would like to see, favorite patterns of your own that you would like to be featured, favorite Instagrammers or Facebookers (that’s a word right?) let us know in the comments below. Or just use the hashtag #makerlinkshare on Instagram to be considered for our next feature! Thanks for stopping by!