Let's get organized!

So. I just had a baby three weeks ago. This means a lot of snuggles and sweet times, but it also realistically means a lot of restructuring for our family. Before I feel like I’m drowing, I decided to go back to what worked for me before the baby, and try to just tweak it for our new life together. We have four kiddos, a kindergartener, a preschooler, a toddler, and a baby. AKA all the fun early life stages. Our kindergartener is in school from 8-12 monday-friday. Becasue of this and school pickup and drop off, I’ve structured our days to reflect a morning routine and an afternoon routine.

Mornings for me are set aside for the chore of the day, and any daily cleaning tasks that need to be completed. My personal daily cleaning tasks are putting away the clean dishes from the previous day, sweeping, and spending 5 minutes clearing away clutter. (AKA the 5 minute pickup from Dana White @aslobcomesclean Check out her podcast for more!).  After these brief every day chores, I focus on the weekly task of the day. My week unfolds as follows:

Monday: Laundry (all of it. Washed, dried, put away). Yes, this does take all day.

Tuesday: Cleaning the Car (Takes me 10 minutes when I’ve been consistently doing it and about an hour when its been a while).

Wednesday: Errands, Decluttering, School Volunteering. Volunteering is every other week but I’m off the hook until next school year thanks to the newborn. Errands include doctor visits and the like whenever I can get those scheduled for wednesdays.

Thursday: Meal Plan and Grocery Shop. This takes about 1 hour for each task.

Friday: Bathroom and Vaccuum, Mop Floors/Stairs. This takes about 20 minutes to deep clean the bathroom and 1 hour to vac/mop the house. (Our house is pretty small at 900 sqft so there isn’t much to do!).

Saturday: This isn’t assigned any specific thing, its just my catch-all day!


Afternoons are set aside for a few different things. I usually have my kids pickup the main room floors right after lunch and before their quiet time. During their quiet time I focus on blog work, pattern writing, and crocheting/knitting the sample for the pattern. If I’m testing a pattern for someone, I’ll also use this time for that when I need to but I try to keep my pattern testing time to the weekend. I also use quiet time and the weekends to dye yarn. Basically anything I do for Mickyla the Maker or Created Makers is done in this time. Afternoons are also when I do homework with the kindergartener and try to find some time to read aloud. The kids clean up their room before dinner and then we are already into the evening!

Finally, evenings are pretty casual. I have the kids do another main room pickup (Because you best believe they got it messy again), my daughter lays out her uniform and packs her school snack and water bottle (this one is new for us becasue mornings right now are psycho and we are always forgetting things like water bottles), and our kids get ready for bed. I do the dishes for the day (if I’m not too tired to stand up by this point) and then collapse on the couch to crochet/knit until I fall asleep.

I try to hold everything within that outline loosely, and move things around in our week when we see friends or go places etc. However, as  I fell off the wagon postpartum, I realized just how much I relied on that outline and need that amount of structure to function. So, to re-motivate myself to get back on it, I created this weekly schedule with pretty florals to make it worth it. Because you know blush and florals can always motivate me to get off my bum and get cracking! 🙂

I hope you enjoy this free PDF download! If you’d like to help support our tiny business, you can also purchase this PDF for $1 in my Etsy shop as a way of saying thanks!!


Thanks for reading! Find the Free Printable below or purchase it on Etsy by clicking on this link! 

Also below, you can find my filled in sample schedule. This is the personal schedule I use every week! 



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