Welcome to my favorite stitch; the Half-Double-Crochet (HDC). This stitch is the perfect “in-between” stitch in my opinion when choosing stitches for most projects. (I say apparel projects in the tutorial video, but, in retrospect, I love it for pretty much everything!) This stitch works up quicker than a single-crochet, but doesn’t leave the same holes in a project that a double-crochet would. Basically, its a tighter looking double-crochet!

In this video, I simply teach the basics of the Half-Double-Crochet stitch! Enjoy learning a new stitch and feel free to leave your feedback or questions in the comments!

The written basics of this stitch as taught in the video:

Ch 8.

Turn your work.

Yarn over, insert hook into second chain from hook.

Draw up a loop.

Yarn over, pull through all three loops on your hook.

Repeat in the following 6 chains remaining.

Ch 1, Turn your work.

Yarn Over, insert hook into first stitch from hook, (but not your chain 1 you’ve created from turning your project)

Draw up a loop.

Yarn Over and pull through all three loops on your hook.

Continue across the last 6 stitches of your row.

Your tiny HDC swatch is finished!!


To continue your practice of this stitch, I would recommend working up a simple washcloth! To make a simple washcloth, just chain 51 instead of 8 and work up 20 rows of HDC total, following the above instructions!  

If you would like to practice this stitch on a larger project, both the Rose City Market Bag (coming June 27th) and the Serenity Cardigan utilize the HDC stitch method!

I love working this stitch into as many projects as I can and I just know you will too!!