Last week,¬† I showed you how to increase (or, add a stitch) to your knit project. This week, I show you the opposite – how to decrease and remove a stitch! These two techniques are necessary¬†to learn if you want to shape the top of a hat, the face of a stuffed toy, or the bust of a sweater. Today’s decrease is the Knit Two Together, seen in patterns as K2Tog.

What you’ll need:

– yarn

– knitting needles

Note: this decrease is right leaning.

Once you have come to the point in your project where you want to decrease, start by finding the stitch that is one stitch away from the end of your needle.

Now comes the oh-so-complicated part… Insert your needle into this second-stitch-from-the-end as well as the stitch on the end…

Yarn over…


And pull the yarn through and off the needle. And you’re done! Easiest thing ever, right? You’ve literally just knit two stitches together.

This decrease is the easiest to make use of, especially in projects that don’t require a particular lean (the top of a basic hat, for example). Of course, if you don’t want to worry about lean, you can always substitute the specific decrease called for in a pattern for this one for the sake of ease.

Check back often – I have many more techniques (including more increases and decreases) coming soon!


Emma Knopp