Welcome to post #1 of Emma’s Teach Yourself to Knit series!

Today I’ll show you how to cast on using the Knitted Cast On method. There are many ways to cast on (ie. setting yourself up with stitches to work into; beginning your project) but this is the perfect beginner’s method!

You will need:

– Yarn

– knitting needles

Start by creating a slip knot.

Place the slip knot on one of the knitting needles.

Take your second needle and slip it into the slip knot as well. Make sure to hold the second needle in your right hand, slipping it into the slip knot from the right hand side, going from bottom to top, and crossing behind the first needle. Wrap the working yarn from the back, over the second needle, and to the front.

Use the second needle to pull the yarn down and through the slip knot. This will leave you with one loop on each needle.


Pull the second needle up and slip the loop on it onto the first needle. Then, remove the second needle. Essentially, you are transferring the loop, or stitch, from the second needle to the first needle, leaving you with one empty needle and one needle with two stitches.



Next, we’re going to continue to do the same as before, always with the loop closest to the tip of your needle. Again, slip the second needle into the named stitch (right to left, bottom to top).



Wrap the yarn from back to front (also called “yarn over”) and pull through using the second needle.


Pull the loop just created up and slip it onto the first needle, then remove the second needle, again transferring the loop just created onto the first needle.

And there you have three loops, or stitches, on your needle and ready to knit into! Continue with this method until you have the number of stitches needed for your project.

Stay tuned for more Teach Yourself to Knit posts coming soon!

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Emma Knopp