Huggable Mermaid Amigurumi

This huggable-sized little gal is one of my favorite designs to date. I began writing this pattern after seeing a photo on Pinterest of a Mermaid Amigurumi that I was not able to find the pattern to. I loved the idea of a little stuffed mermaid, especially since my daughter’s 3rd birthday was coming up and I knew that she would freak out with delight if she received a mermaid. So I embarked on the task of writing a pattern with shaping I had no idea how to do and with intricate details, like the mouth and hair that I also had no idea how to do. This is how all designs start right? Out of an utter lack of knowledge and skill?? 😉 Just kidding. But really, this design has seen some major reworking to find itself to you today!

I love this design mainly because of the size of the finished product. These dolls end up about 14 inches tall, which makes them the perfect size for the toddler age to drag around. Soft and squishy with customizable hair styles, they also make the ideal doll for preschoolers. Both of my daughters (one preschool aged and one toddler) absolutely love their mermaids! This design can even be made for babies, because you can choose to stitch the eyes on (like the mermaid pictured above) instead of sewing on buttons (like the mermaid pictured below) to reduce the risk of a choking hazard.

The Pattern

This Huggable Mermaid Pattern is now listed up in our Shop section for you to purchase! You can also purchase the Mini Mermaid Pattern and this Huggable Mermaid pattern as a bundle and make both sizes!

I would love to see how your Mermaids turn out! Tag me on Instagram @createdmakers and #createdmakers so I can see your finished products!

Enjoy the Pattern <3