The Mini Market Bag is getting full! I may have to make a few more to contain all the fruits and veggies that are on their way!



I know the tomato is *technically* a fruit… But I honestly forget from time to time. Am I the only one? It just seemed to make sense to throw it in there with the carrot and potato! 😀



We are hoping to move into a house in the next month or so. We will have a backyard for the first time in our marriage! I’m excited to have a place to garden and grow real tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes with Solomon. Until then, I’ll continue to introduce him to his veggies in either pureed or huggable form.



Have you started on your Mini Market Bag or your Huggable Fruits or Veggies yet? All of these patterns (and more to come) are available to purchase in the shop. Show me what you’re making with the hashtag #createdmakers!

Emma Knopp