My sweet Sully is here! And a whole month early!

My due date was this last Monday, July 23rd, but our Solomon decided to surprise us on June 27th instead. With the last few heat waves we’ve had, I’m not mad about it!

Sunny side up with a bruise to show for it, our boy is proving himself to be stubborn and strong, just as we suspected.



Born at 6 pounds even, he wasn’t too tiny but dropped to 5 pounds 10 ounces within the first 12 hours. This worried his care team a bit, so we were told to come back three days later for a weight check, at which point he was 6 pounds 3 ounces! If you don’t know, babies tend to lose a bit of weight after birth but aren’t expected to reach their birth weight again until they are two weeks old! Needless to say, little man is getting big – and fast!

Baby boy is already showing small elements of his personality – a sweet disposition, but don’t you dare swaddle him! Naps are only to be had in mommy’s arms, and daddy’s voice is his favorite music.

He’s now one month old and his mama is wondering where the time went! We’re soaking up the snuggles around here.

More to come on his birth story later!