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My name is Emma and I was born in the beautiful (but often rainy) Portland, Oregon. I lived in Middleton, Idaho for a short while from the ages of 8 through 13 but have otherwise spent my entire life here in Portland and the surrounding areas!

(from left to right) Olivia (sister-in-law), Alex, Hannah, Myself, Justin, Eian, Aida, Claire, William, Elisabeth, and John.

I’m the second oldest of nine children (pictured above along with my husband and sister-in-law) and consequently have only ever worked jobs related to childcare. I married my husband, Justin, in September of 2017 and we’re so excited to be welcoming a sweet baby boy, Solomon, in July of this year!

Solomon Daniel, due July 23rd

I’m a lover of all things crafty and have dabbled in hobbies ranging from beading to leatherwork, from sewing to papercrafts, and from woodworking to quilting. Give me any material, a little time, and a sprinkling of inspiration and I’ll be in heaven for hours on end.

When I was 5, my aunt taught me how to crochet a chain stitch with the promise of further lessons when I had it down. Two weeks later, I had a chain that stretched around our house – three times. My mom then enlisted my grandmother to continue my lessons, if for no other reason than to no longer have to listen to me counting chain stitches into the millions.

When Eian (the second from the last of my siblings) was younger, he had an affinity for the show “Timmy Time”. Above is the Timmy that I crocheted for his second birthday.

At age 8, crochet wasn’t enough. I asked for a book about knitting for my birthday – and had made a teddy bear by that evening! Knitting has since been my preferred handicraft, with crochet and sewing competing for second place.

An Etsy store and a pattern series have long been a dream of mine. With a growing friendship with like-minded Mickyla, I’m finally taking steps towards making that dream happen! It helps to have a baby on the way for pattern inspiration… And an increased desire to have home-based income. 

Speaking of pattern releases, keep an eye out for the Rose City Market bag (my first pattern!), to be released this month! 

Our hope is that this blog will be a source of encouragement in your craft, inspiration in your projects, and a helpful resource for your every endeavor! Motherhood and cooking, time management and organization, crafting and crochet (mile long chains or otherwise) – be on the lookout for it all, right here, at Created Makers.com!