Hey! I just wanted to jump on here really quickly and share a scheduling technique that has been working wonders for me! Have you ever tried a Pinterest cleaning and organizing plan and then just totally had it fall flat on it’s face and you blamed yourself unendingly and then just let your house get messier and messier because you were so discouraged? Yeah?? Yep. That was me. Every few months, I would try something new and then totally fail because of this or that or what have you. I got to the point about a year ago where I was struggling with depression and anxiety mostly stemming from the fact that I couldn’t “figure it out.” If you’re there now, you are not alone! I knew that a clean house made my brain happy, but I didn’t really understand why. That was until I found A Slob Comes Clean, the Podcast, from Dana K White. She totally changed my perspective by acknowledging that “slob vision” or the ability to not see slight accumulations of clutter until you literally trip over it or something, was a real thing. I realized I totally struggled with this. I also struggled with just having WAY too much stuff and not knowing “how to organize it.” Dana helped me see that it wasn’t because it needed organizing, it was because there was literally too much, more than my brain could handle.

Fast forward to now. I used Dana’s methods to help myself re-take control of my own environment and I feel so much healthier. If you want more information on what she does and how she does it, I would encourage you to go to her blog, listen to her podcast, or purchase her books! They seriously changed my life! And this is not a paid advertisement, I mean it!!

Dana recommends doing your dishes each day, doing a 5 minute pick up every day (this helps with the aforementioned slob vision), setting a specific laundry day in which you do all the laundry (which, I didn’t believe was possible for a family of five, with two of those humans being terribly spill-y toddlers, but it totally was!), and sweeping the kitchen each day. She also mentions portioning out the rest of the household chores throughout the week so that you don’t have to worry about things such as “when was the last time I cleaned the bathroom??!!” Below I’ll share the specifics that I adopted to help our home and how I arranged the schedule to be manageable and to still make time for the things I found were important. Each of these strategies helped me tremendously and made more time for me to start actually getting rid of things so we could stay under our “clutter-threshold” in our 915 sqft home.

Here are the specifics that I adopted for our own home and schedule. It helps me to have a time-based schedule, so I went with it! 

Assigning certain chores to certain days takes away the constant anxiety of worrying that I haven’t cleaned it recently. It also helped me make time for things I really value, like blog and pattern writing, creating, and brain space! 

I also added a “Weekly Home Blessing” in on Mondays because I needed just a little bit of extra space to do some tasks that just weren’t getting done at other times of the week. This is just a set aside time of about an hour that I spend while the washer is running a load on Mondays. For my “Weekly Home Blessing” I: 1) Wipe the counters, mirror, and sink in the bathroom.  2) Mop the kitchen. 3)Sweep and Tidy the Porch. 4) Clear surfaces of clutter. 5) Pick up and tidy closet floor. 6) Clean the outside of the trash can. 7) Wipe down the front of the kitchen cabinets,  the front door, and the oven. 

All of these “Weekly Home Blessing” tasks were simply things that I noticed got dirty a lot easier, or that were just more easily out of control. Things like our closet floor. It helps to have that small, set aside time just to tidy it up so it doesn’t get out of hand throughout the rest of the week. I wipe down the bathroom because we have one bathroom between five people and again, three of those people are messy kids who accidentally squirt soap on the counter or fling toothpaste on the mirror on a regular basis. And those tasks do not take me longer than the washing machine cycle, which is about an hour and 10 minutes. If I haven’t checked everything off on the list, I still stop and move on to other things in my day. Any tasks I didn’t get to that week I simply move to next week and do those first then! 

Anyway, thats about it! Thanks for popping on over and reading about my journey to having a cleaner and more manageable home!! 


Mickyla Jackson