The Mini Wall Hanging Bundle

Welcome to the Mini Wall Hanging Bundle!

These patterns first came about when I was attempting to make an Alpaca Wall Hanging for my friend for her birthday! All of the patterns I found were not quite what I was wanting to make so I decided to sketch and draw my own! My first Alpaca turned out looking like a polar bear so I had to try again! The second result, I was much happier with. From there, I had a color palette that I was really happy with and I wanted to make a few more hangings to go along with the Alpaca. Thus, the Bee Hanging and the Sloth Hanging were born! My goal with this pattern was to create a simple tapestry crochet pattern for beginners to learn how to tapestry  crochet! You can purchase the bundle of all three patterns here or each individual pattern here;







These wall hangings can either be used individually or together! You can create a baby bunting even if you want! 


While you can make these patterns with whatever background colors you like, I think these background colors give a warm hint of fall, which of course, I am all about!

I hope you enjoy these patterns! Tag us on Instagram @createdmakers so we can see your makes!