Getting bored of the Easy Cast-On? Here’s another option to add to your repertoire! This one is called the Knitted Cast On. This one is also very easy so I would say it’s suited for beginners.

Please excuse the paint on my nails – we’ve been painting our house 😆



Start off by making a slip knot and placing it on your knitting needle. 



Slip the end of your empty needle into the slip knot, as if to knit. If you need a tutorial on how to knit a stitch, I have one here.



As you push the needle into the slip knot, make sure it comes out the other side from underneath the first needle, as shown.



Yarn over,



and pull the yarn through.



You will now have a loop on both needles, one new and one old. Pull the new loop to loosen it a bit, like I did here. 



Pull the new loop up and over the first needle and pull the right hand needle out.



You now have two stitches on your needle! You’ll continue to follow these same steps until you have the desired number of stitches. I’ll walk you through it one more time.

Insert the needle (in your right hand) into the stitch closest to the end of the needle (in your left hand).



Yarn over, making sure the yarn is coming out from underneath the needle and going up and over the needle to the right.



Pull the yarn through using a scooping motion, as if you are scooping soup with a spoon.



Pull this new loop to loosen,



and pull it up and over, onto the left hand needle.



Slip the needle out – and now you have three stitches! This is what your needle will look like after you’ve completed these steps.



This is what it will look like when you’ve cast some more on.



And this is what it looks like once it’s knit into! Well done!


What project are you casting on next? I’d love to see! Use the tag #createdmakers so I can follow along. 😄

Emma Knopp