The Basic Knit Beanie

Welcome to your new essential market prep pattern! This hat is a must have for market season. This hat uses basic knit and purl stitches to create the brim and then uses basic knit stitch in the round to create those crisp little v stitches. Because this hat is knit, it stretches well while still maintaining it’s shape. That is why I love using knit hats for markets and craft shows. Since you can’t usually measure your customer’s head, it is important to have a versatile product that will fit multiple shaped heads! Enter; The Basic Knit Beanie.

This pattern comes in 4 sizes; Adult, Child, Infant (6-18 months) and Newborn. Each size is sure to please and to give your market table a good variety of sizes. 

Paintbox Yarns

Now, on to the best part! Choosing your color palette. This is the first market season I chose to do a color palette and I’m so glad I did! In past seasons, I had a lot of trouble focusing in on what products I wanted to make and why. This season, I have narrowed my stock down to 5 specific items and I’m sticking to the above color palette. For this season I’m making these knit beanies in every size, C2C teether bibs, scrunchies, plant hangers, and dish/ face scrubbies. With this type of stock I’ve balanced both expensive and non- expensive items and I’ve tried to choose things that are both quick to make, trendy, and easy to display.

Now choosing a color palette is not always an easy task. Its riddled issues if you walk in to your normal, every day craft store. But, I’ve found that all of my problems with this have been solved when I chose to use Paintbox Yarns for my projects. Paintbox yarn comes in 60 shades. (Yes, 60, you did read that right). On top of that amazing accomplishment, Paintbox also comes in various different weights and fibers, making it perfect for your versatile market products. These knit beanies use Paintbox Simply Chunky, the plant hangers use Paintbox Cotton DK held double stranded, the C2C bibs and the dish and face scrubbies use Paintbox Cotton Aran. The Scrunchies can use any scrap of Paintbox yarns you have laying around which is really handy for cleaning out your stash. I do also like to use Bernat Velvet for Scrunchies though! But, even if one of your products uses a different yarn than Paintbox, you can use their wide variety of colors to find a similar color to the yarn you are using!

One more thing that rocks about using Paintbox for markets; custom orders! If someone wants to make a customer order, you can literally just pull up Paintbox’s palette on your phone and tell them to chose the color they’d like. With 60 colors to choose from, they are bound to find something they like!

My Color Palette:

For this Market Season I chose the following colors from Paintbox Yarns:

Vintage Pink

Slate Grey


Vanilla Cream

Mustard Yellow

Pistachio Green

Slate Green

That’s all for now folks! I hope you enjoy this knit hat pattern and that the market suggestions were useful! Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @createdmakers so we can see your makes!  Scroll down to see the hat modeled and to see my market set-up from this past Friday! 


This pattern is available for purchase from Raverly, Etsy, Love Crochet, or in our Blog Shop