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It is an honor to participate in the summer blog hop with Claire from Eclaire Makery! There are so many talented makers offering patterns for this blog hop and I am so excited for all of them! Claire so graciously has compiled all of our patterns into a bundle that you can purchase here!

Anyways! On to my pattern!



I was so excited for this pattern. Emma and I have been focusing on home decor this summer and this pattern was one of my main goals to complete and design! I am so happy with how this huggable pattern turned out and I hope you love it too! I already have a few more color combinations rolling around in my head and I can’t wait to see what colors you all choose for your pillows!

This pattern is fun and unique because it utilizes Mini C2C, which is a fun twist on regular C2C! My favorite part of this stitch? It uses HDC instead of DC stitches, which makes my HDC heart so so happy! <3



I hope you enjoy this pattern!


Happy Making Friends!

The Pattern


  • Approximately 600 yards of a main color (white in the example) size 4 yarn and 300 yards of a contrast color (blue in the example) size 4 yarn.
  • 0mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle
  • Polyfil Stuffing to complete pillow



  • SC: Single Crochet
  • CH: Chain
  • HDC: Half Double Crochet
  • C2C: Corner to Corner
  • Sl St: Slip Stitch
  • F/O: Finish off (Slip stitch and weave in ends)



  • This pattern is written in US terms.
  • This Pattern is worked in two parts; the front panel and the back panel.
  • This pattern is written based on the instructions in the graph. You will be working the graph from Corner to Corner (C2C) beginning in the bottom right hand corner of the graph, moving towards the upper left hand corner of the graph.


Gauge: This pattern does not require a certain gauge to be obtained. However, if you want to make about the same sized pillow that I did your Mini C2C squares should be about ½ inch by ½ inch. My completed Pillow with the border is 12 ½ inches by 31 ½ inches.


The Pattern; The Front Panel

Begin by chaining 4. We will be working in Mini Corner To Corner, which substitutes the traditional corner to corner for 4 chains at the beginning of the row and a CH 2, 2 HDC as the stitch that completes the square. Each square on the graph is equal to one square of the Mini C2C stitch.

For a tutorial on the Mini C2C stitch see this YouTube Video;


Into the Chain 4 you’ve just completed, HDC into the third and fourth stitches from your hook. You have just completed the first Mini C2C square. Continue to follow the graph.


When you reach row 24, begin decreasing on the top only. When you reach row 51, begin to decrease on the left side as well as the top.


When you reach the end, F/O and leave a long tail for sewing together.


The Pattern; The Back Panel

Work a Mini C2C piece that is the same size as the front panel but in just your main color.

*Note: I chose to back my pillow with fabric. If you choose to do this then simply cut a piece of fabric the same size as your front panel. Then proceed to Assembly instructions.



  1. Place your two panels together, with the right sides facing inward. Whip stitch the panels together, most of the way around. Leave a gap of about 8-9 inches on one side.
    1. (If you chose to back your pillow with fabric simply sew your pieces together and leave a gap of about 8-9 inches so that you can turn your work right side out).
  2. Turn your pillow right side out.
  3. Stuff with Polyfil Stuffing or Stuffing of choice.
  4. Finish seaming (or sewing) your pillow shut.
  5. Proceed to the Border instructions.


The Pattern; The Border

You will now complete the border of the pillow.

In the upper left hand corner, with the “family” side facing you, attach your main color yarn.

  1. HDC across the top of your pillow. When you reach the top of the “L” change colors to your accent color and HDC across the top of the L.

Do the same when you reach the top of the “F”.

  1. HDC all around your pillow, changing colors when you pass a colored square of C2C.
  2. SL ST to the top of your first HDC stitch.
  1. Now, using only your main color yarn, HDC all around the border of your pillow. SL St when you reach your first stitch and F/O
  2. Weave in your ends and you have yourself a pillow!! <3

This pattern is the property of Mickyla Jackson @mickylathemaker This pattern may NOT be altered, resold, or claimed as your own in any way. However, you may sell physical items you make from this pattern, crediting the design back to me whenever possible!

Mickyla Jackson