So, my sweet Serenity is three, almost four years old. She first started getting into dresses when she was about two and a half years old. When she discovered the world of poufs and frills, she was instantly hooked. From then on, wearing a dress was not only something she “wanted” to do, it was something she “had” to do. Along with her newfound love of dresses, she discovered cardigans and leggings. In her language they were referred to as “sbetters” (or sweaters) and “nice pants” (or leggings/ pants that were really tight and had no feet).

From then on, it seemed like we never had enough sweaters for Serenity. At the time, I was not confident enough to write my own pattern for a sweater, so I went on the hunt for a sweater pattern that would fit the bill. I didn’t find anything quite like what I was looking for, so, about a year after I started looking, I decided to attempt the process for myself.

This process of creating my first wearable pattern was intense. I was not at all prepared for all the work that went into the math and the measurements and every stitch being in the right exact place at the right exact moment. I made each of my daughters a “failure” cardigan to start off the process. AKA one that fell off their shoulders and where the sleeves were literally 4 inches too long somehow. And then I hit the mark with my third try: the purple sweater you can see pictured in this article.

Thanks to the footwork of some amazing testers, I was finally able to refine the pattern into a readable piece that I could actually be proud of.

Though this process introduced me a little too strongly to the woes of pattern writing, it also opened an entire new door for me; the possibility to create and bring to life a specific design I saw in my head! It was incredibly rewarding to know that I had started and finished a project I wasn’t sure I knew how to do. Being successful in this design has encouraged me to continue pushing myself to new limits, because the outcome was better than what I could have imagined!

I hope you enjoy this pattern!

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