The Run Down on Crochet Wall Hangings

I’ve only had the chance to experiment with macrame a few times. And, sadly, both of these times were utter failures. I AM NOT giving up completely on macrame, but in the meantime, I wanted to learn how to make decorative pieces for my home! Hence, the idea for these boho-chic wall hangings was born! After having made a few of these hangings, I discovered that my husband was not a huge boho-chic type of guy. Each new piece I showed him with excitement was met with a general “oh cool.” (By the way I was totally fine babe, no hard feelings) 😉 The second piece I showed him (the little green number pictured below) brought from him a challenge. He asked me if I could make a Sloth wall hanging. At that moment, I was sure I couldn’t do it, but I also wanted to give it a shot. I sat down and drew out the sloth on a piece of graph paper and got to work. Surprisingly, it worked! And now I had two different types of wall hangings in my arsenal! This tutorial gives a brief run down on the process behind each of these types of wall hangings; the boho-chic and the graphed hanging. Enjoy!

Boho Crochet Yarn Wall Hangings

I have made a few of these chic, mini wall hangings as presents for friends! I love making these because of the ability to really customize the project for who it is designed for. I also love that with the knowledge of a few basic crochet stitches and some scrap yarn you can create custom textures and patterns, all your own!

The first hanging pictured (the mustard, white, and grey hanging) is composed of crocheted cables, half-double-crochet stitches, and double crochet stitches. I also used this youtube video tutorial to learn 3 simple macrame knots to dress up the bottom a little bit. (PS: This girl in this video is hilarious and extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend checking this out!).

The second hanging pictured (the cream and green hanging) is composed of half-double crochet stitches, puff stitches, and double crochet stitches. Once again, I dressed up the bottom with those three simple macrame knots.

What I love most about these hangings is that you can literally do anything you want!! Any stitch you can dream up can be attached to a stick and hung on the wall with some lovely fringe for effect. And, all you need for this project is a piece of driftwood (or a regular stick works great as well), a small amount of yarn (I used about 50 yards of the main yarn colors pictured here), a crochet hook, and a yarn needle!

The sky is the limit with these designs! Dream big fellow makers!! <3

Graphed Crochet Wall Hangings

These wall hangings take a little bit more grunt work than the boho wall hangings. But, to be able to literally draw anything on graph paper and make it come to life is an incredible thing! As I mentioned above, this genius idea to create a sloth came from my husband, but your inspiration could come from anywhere! All you need for this project is some graph paper, a piece of driftwood (or a regular stick), about 150 yards of yarn (depending on the size of your project), and some scissors and a yarn needle. This sloth’s assembly was a little complicated because I attached each leg separately and then attached them all together later on, but depending on the design you choose, your project can be even simpler than this. If you’d like to make this sloth wall hanging specifically, the graph and written instructions are available here!    To make this little guy, I simply sketched out the shape of a sloth on graph paper and began to crochet him! (When using graph paper, each tiny box should represent one single-crochet stitch in your project). The hardest part to creating a graphed design is drawing the initial design. Keep in mind that small details, unless they are completed in a contrasting color to the rest of the project, will not be noticed. It is helpful for me to use graph paper with small squares, so that I can help it along as far as detail goes. I find that if I graph less stitches, the project ends up nearly shapeless. Trust me, its worth the extra work to add in those extra stitches!

So, what will your next project be? I challenge you to try something new and give a crocheted wall hanging a shot! It could turn out to be your most favorite project to date (that’s what my sloth did for me at least)!

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