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The Jackson Pullover

Welcome to The Jackson Pullover! The Jackson Pullover is a unisex, personally sized pullover that just requires 4 simple measurements to make! This pullover utilizes your own personal body measurements (or those of a friend or child you have on hand) to make the...

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Bunny Ears Backpack Pattern

Back to School season has begun! It snuck up on me and I don't even have a child in school 😂 I can't complain about this weather though. Cool, crisp air has always been my favorite. Especially in the early fall when you can still feel some warmth from the sun. ☀️...

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The Basic Knit Beanie

Welcome to your new essential market prep pattern! This hat is a must have for market season. This hat uses basic knit and purl stitches to create the brim and then uses basic knit stitch in the round to create those crisp little v stitches. Because this hat is knit,...

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The Lady Jackson Tee (Adult Sizes)

Welcome to the second edition of The Lady Jackson Tee! This edition comes with adult sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X. The best part of this pattern is that it is SIZE INCLUSIVE! My friend Becky from @thistleandhart recently spoke out about patterns and...

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Stuffed Whale (free sewing pattern!)

This little guy has been sitting in my project basket for a long time, waiting for some eyeballs 😂 Anyone else a procrastinate-the-last-step kind of person? 🙋 Now that he's all finished, I'm so in love with him! He's not that hard to make either so if you're a...

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Free Pattern; Jumbo Knit Rug and Throw

Hey Y'all! So, I was at Michael's looking for buttons the other day and I stumbled across the yarn section (whoops!). But anyway, I saw this delicious jumbo yarn by Loops and Threads and I was instantly in love. Most "big" yarns that I see like this are wool blends...

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Mini Wall Hangings Bundle; Sloth, Alpaca, Bee

Welcome to the Mini Wall Hanging Bundle! These patterns first came about when I was attempting to make an Alpaca Wall Hanging for my friend for her birthday! All of the patterns I found were not quite what I was wanting to make so I decided to sketch and draw my own!...

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Teach Yourself to Knit: The Knitted Cast On

 Getting bored of the Easy Cast-On? Here's another option to add to your repertoire! This one is called the Knitted Cast On. This one is also very easy so I would say it's suited for beginners. Please excuse the paint on my nails - we've been painting our house 😆...

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The Lady Jackson Tee

The Lady Jackson TeeHey maker friends! I'm here to introduce my newest pattern; The Lady Jackson Tee.  This tee came out of a shopping trip gone wrong. I've had three children and I feel like I am constantly searching for clothing that fits my postpartum body. (I know...

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The Lady Jackson Stitch Tutorial

You might have seen this Stitch Tutorial and thought that you were about to learn a completely different stitch that I invented. Well, not to burst your bubble but I did not invent this stitch. However, I did name it after myself! Why? Because I have seen this stitch...

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Bobble Baskets!

I was *supposed* to be writing home decor patterns along with Mickyla but I got carried away with the produce! 😂 I've had these sitting around for a while now but hadn't taken the time to write them up as a pattern.     I can't handle this texture. Slightly...

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