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Bobble Stitch Tutorial (Photo and Video)

The Bobble Stitch is all the rage right now and it is no surprise why! The texture, uniqueness, and definition it adds to a project are undeniable. This stitch has become a favorite of mine and I have used it in some of my recent designs like The Moffat Pullover and...

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The Mini Me Market Bag

  I'm really excited about this one! A while ago, I found this adorable, realistic looking, child-sized grocery cart at the thrift store and snatched it up before anyone else could see. Ever since, I've been dreaming about making crocheted produce to go inside....

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The “Laundry” Rug

I am so excited to release this rug pattern to you all! This design has been rattling around in my brain since I started day dreaming about laundry rooms (yes, you read that right!) about two years ago. My husband and I have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride in...

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Mini Wreath Pattern

More free patterns coming at you tonight!! Emma and I have been out of commission lately because of our dear sweet new babies, but we wanted to bring forth a few quick, free patterns for you to make before the holidays! We released The Velvet Scrunchie Pattern tonight...

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Velvet Scrunchie Pattern

Velvet seems to be all the rage right now and I will tell you why! This yarn is some of the softest "yarn" I have ever touched! ITS SERIOUSLY SOOOO SOFT! Like, go pet this yarn if you don't believe me. This is the Bernat Velvet yarn and its sold at both Joann Fabrics...

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How to: the Easiest Cast-On!

If you've never knit before and are wanting to learn, this cast on is the perfect place to start! Simple and easy, quick and practical, this method is all you need to start your project on the right foot. I'm not even sure what the official name for this method is......

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Color Inspiration (Fall Fresh Edition)

The 60* days have arrived and I couldn't be happier. Now I can more appropriately look forward to the changing of the leaves, trips to the pumpkin patch, and the beginning of the holiday season! I'm also one of those weirdos that always loved back-to-school season so...

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Emma’s September Favorites!

The dreary gray and crisp air have arrived! I'm in love. Makes all the baby snuggles that much more enjoyable. 🙂 These cool, crisp days are perfect for any number of crafts - but for some reason, embroidery is what I'm always drawn to in the fall. Have I ever...

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